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Concierge Care Management

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A concierge care provider is a highly skilled professional who is available to help aging individuals with managing their daily tasks, from medical assistance to general care coordination. At Serenoa Co., our concierge care experience extends far beyond basic geriatric care. We are here to simplify the complexities of the aging process, guiding families and their loved ones through the transitional seasons of life. 

medication management

From managing prescription refills to organizing pill boxes, we are here to help simplify our clients' daily routines, ensuring that proper medication is administered.

complex medical case management

When your loved one's level of care involves a more complex medical case, we facilitate specialist referrals and connect you with trusted community healthcare providers and seamlessly relay information to all members of your loved ones healthcare team.

chronic disease oversight

Our care managers are experienced in caring for clients with a wide range of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or hypertension.

care coordination

From coordinating physician visits and communicating with other members of the healthcare team or community referrals, we are here to help our clients and their families seamlessly transition through each phase of care.

patient advocacy

We accompany our clients to physician visits and/or in-home care consultations, communicating with the client's healthcare team on their behalf.

trusted community referrals

Part of our initial assessment includes ensuring your legal documents are up to date and complete, and making trusted local referrals for Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Durable Power of Attorney, as appropriate.

moving coordination

Our care consultants assist with in-state or out-of-state moving coordination for aging adults as well as transitions throughout various levels of care (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care). We can coordinate downsizing, donations, auctions, and even advise on local resources to repair and prep a home for sale. 

nurse-led health coaching

At Serenoa Co., we approach concierge care with an educational focus to empower clients to manage disease and improve their overall wellbeing through nurse-led health coaching. We can devote the time necessary to help clients understand their disease, and what lifestyle modifications could potentially benefit them.  

Our Care Services

account and bill payment oversight

From gathering documents for tax preparation to arranging bill payments, we are here to simplify the financial aspects of your loved ones' lives. We offer assistance with bill paying and other financial matters to help your loved ones stay organized and up-to-date on their accounts.

lifestyle management

From routine wellness check-ins to assistance with daily activities, we are here to ensure that individuals are able to maintain their independent lifestyles for as long as possible.

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As concierge care providers, we are here to help simplify an otherwise overwhelming season of life, providing a roadmap to help individuals and families navigate through the challenges of the aging process. From care coordination to more complex medical case management, a concierge care provider can offer guidance on the logistical aspects of these transitional seasons of life.

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